Godaddy Affiliate Program Review 2014| How To Make 100% Commissions With Godaddy Hosting

Make Huge online income with godaddy affiliate program. As advertising is an important part of marketing godaddy welcomes you all to be its partner in affiliate program in India. Godaddy is one the best private held company, that is primarily an internet domain registrar and web hosting company. Godaddy is been the best for its service, and in terms of offers for domain registration, domain hosting and many more. Website owners can make huge commissions with Godaddy affiliate Program.


About Godaddy Affiliate Program India?

Godaddy lets advertisers to advertise their ads on publishers websites. Advertising helps godaddy to expand their network or sales. Godaddy affiliate program pays you if you send your website visitor to their page and they make a purchase. You earn some good commission from purchase made. You need to have a account in godaddy to participate in this affiliate program. Signing up in godaddy affiliate program is easy.

How to apply for godaddy affiliate program?

Link to godaddy affiliate program, just open the link login with your godaddy username and password. After logging in, you need to fill up your form, hope you can do it. In form filling page, if you already have an account you can use it. If not just go the link you have a option to create account.

In Account name, type your name ( Note: Enter exact name as per your bank account ). In account type, if you are in India  all the payments will be made through PayPal so you must have a verified PayPal account which is connected to your any Indian Bank Account and after you are done , chick on Save.


Now fill up the given form with exact details of your home address. Don’t provide wrong information. After filling up your details you can go for payment option. Either Check (not available in India) or PayPal. After filling up all details click on Save.
Choose ads from godaddy
Then in next page, click on ads tab, find your preferred ad and move your mouse on preview ad code button, you get a drop down choose ad size and select any size.

Click on the type of ad you need, a pop up will appear with the code, click on get code, you get a code copy it and paste it in your widgets of website or if your want to insert in blogger post, switch to HTML Gadget  and paste the code where you want to display your ad. And You Are Done.

100% Commissions On Godaddy Affiliate Program

The reason i love this program is that they offer 100% commissions on Web Hosting which is already the most sold product of godaddy and the service is also good. I would suggest you to promote their web hosting affiliate links as they made me more than $100 in only 10 days of promotion.

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